Emily ⟡ Made to Order
Emily ⟡ Made to Order

Emily ⟡ Made to Order

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Emily is a smart, independent woman who is always down for a good adventure. She is strong willed and passionate about others and her surroundings. When she isn't dedicating her time to mentoring our youth she likes to spend time hiking and exploring. Emily is funny and is always quick on her feet. The strong directional knots found in the center of the piece paired with the funny and whimsy of the fringe encompasses some of Emily's personality in a unique piece.

Original handmade macramé wall hanging
Materials: 100% recycled cotton cord, wooden rod
Size: 21"W x 40"H

Height is measured from wooden dowel to bottom of macrame

This piece is a made to order item. Please allow 14-18 days for turnaround. Color alterations are available upon request, please email hello@ruthartistrydecor.com with your order number and request. Some colors may result in slight price change.

Please note that all made to order pieces will vary slightly from one to another do to the handmade nature and can not be exactly replicated. Some small variations make the piece unique from one to the next. Know that the pattern will always remain the same. 

All macrame patterns and designs are copyrighted by law and under complete ownership of Ruth Artistry & Decor LLC. Patterns are not to be copied or even altered for resale without written permission of Ruth Artistry & Decor LLC.