Many wonder why I decided to name our business Ruth. Truth is, I love the story of Ruth from the bible. Ruth was a strong woman who was loyal in all of her relationships, walked the extra mile and didn't quit when things got tough. Her story is humbling and inspirational as she is proof with perseverance hard work is always worth the extra effort.


I am Victoria and with my husband, Lars, we are a duo that has a niche for creating. Together we create works that range from original paintings, hand crafted macrame, wood works and decor. Although we are very different creative beings, we both have a key part in this journey we call Ruth!

Together we create unique, small batch works with a personal touch. That is why we craft the majority of what you see around here. We are grateful to be able to continue to create new products with you in mind! We eagerly look forward to see what the Lord will continue to do for us in this adventure we call Ruth. We are so glad you are here!


Lars is the wood working, power tool king who somehow convinced me to build a full on workshop in our small one stall garage. (I now park outside) He is our product display builder and the master inventory packer for all of our markets and events. Lars loves a good craft hazy IPA and is the logical thinker between the two of us. He can sometimes be quite introverted, but he is the vital support behind all of my crazy ideas.


I on the other hand, am the hat wearing dreamer and graphic designer to all things Ruth. I am a detail driven creator who has a bohemian beach and abode inspired style. I am neutral obsessed and smell like essential oils and patchouli 24/7. I am a free feelin' painter with way to many ideas caught up in my brain. Most of the time you can catch me with a glass of wine in my hand and always making or sketching something.