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NEW Design - LG

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This large sized basket with original handmade macramé garland. This round basket is perfect for a pillows and blankets, a large plant, dog toys, children's toys or hamper, or even just extra storage!

Materials: Hyacinth woven fiber basket, 100% recycled cotton cord
Size: 17” Round x 15"H (handles can fold down)

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Tori is a determined woman who always has had a strong sense of direction. She may appear like she is always down to business but she has a flare and spunky side to her. She is hardworking but always makes time for the ones she loves.

At Ruth, we use the highest quality up-cycled cotton cord on the market, made from cotton fabrics from the garment industry. To get the color, it is not dyed using chemicals as similar color garments scraps are used and broken down. The fabric is then remade into cotton fiber again and spun to create the cotton string you see and feel today. With this manufacturing process, water usage is cut in half and significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

By choosing this product, you are helping eliminate waste that will otherwise end up in our landfills.

All macrame patterns and designs are copyrighted by law and under complete ownership of Ruth Artistry & Decor LLC